Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Is staying put... for now.

GROVE STREET kids has made a decision.

We've been talking to our customers for a while now about the possibility of expansion. The desire to increase our storage capacity as well as offer a broader assortment of maternity wear and baby gear on consignment was well-received by folks and we know that should we have the opportunity to do so, we would receive resounding support from our patrons, family and friends.

Unfortunately, the ducks did not want to line up in that perfect row for us, and expanding into the store front next door will not be happening any time soon. We are very disappointed about the turn of events but, for many reasons, we cannot effectively make the changes we would like to make here.... right now.

We still have hopes of expansion! We want to be the one-stop shop for mommies-to-be and their kids! So stay tuned, we may have more news down the road. Until then, we hope you will continue to show your unwavering support of GROVE STREET kids.