Thursday, August 5, 2010

Back to school? But we didn't even have a Summer!

Really, how can it be time for "Back to School" when summer hasn't even arrived!?

I spent the better part of the Spring collecting bathing suits, shorts and summer dresses, looking so forward to those lovely, sunny days. Especially, after one of the wettest Winters we have seen in a decade. Oh the cute, wonderful summer things that have come into the store! Yet, here they sit on the racks. Why? Because summer never came.

As I walk through the local CVS, the aisles swathed in "Back to School" supplies, I wonder how could it be that time already? The first year GSK opened, I had to buy a giant fan to keep the store cool those first few weeks after opening in July! Yet, this year, not only was there virtually no sun, it was COLD. Windy. Gloomy. Downright depressing. Almost as if we went back in time, back to the Winter that had just past.

So GROVE STREET kids has a store full of summer things, yet we have managed to scoop up a bunch of Fall layers for those of you already preparing your children's wardrobes. We already have a decent selection of FAll outwear, lots of jeans and other essentials to get your kiddos off on the right school start.

But rest assured, when summer finally does come (and it better!) we will still have a variety of warm weather clothes for you to choose from. Cuz on those hot, Indian Summer September days, they will be wanting to wear their shorts!