Thursday, January 7, 2010

Cleaning out your closets?

It's that time of year. Some folks are ├╝ber organized and get their closets cleared in time for the holidays, in order to make room for all the new stuff to come. Most people wait, however, until after the holidays have past to do it. GROVE STREET kids has been hit hard this week with the fruits of their labor - which is great, it allows us to peruse the gamut of styles, sizes and seasons that make their way through our doors. However, some folks walk away disappointed when they take the time and expend their energy hauling multiple bags and/or boxes and still leave with multiple bags and/or boxes.

So we thought we'd offer some tips for making your selling experience at GROVE STREET kids the most successful, for everyone involved:

1. Check our website first: We do our very best to keep it updated as to the particulars of what season we are looking at and buying, what sizes we are in need of and accepting, and what we are not accepting. In addition, there is helpful information like, our buying hours and our trading and drop-off policies.

2. We wash everything (with the exception of new items with tags still attached) before it is placed on the floor for sale, whether or not you wash it before bringing it in. However, we do not purchase items, purposefully, with stains, tears, missing buttons etc. Items with stains (only) that are of the size and season we are in need of, will be purchased for a $1 selling price. This is because, if we can't get the stain out, we send it straight away to our $1 rack or bins. What this means for you: the better condition your items are in, the better price you will obtain for them.

3. If you decide to bring in your child(ren)'s wardrobe from the age of 2 until 7, you will be asked to drop the items off (be sure and read our drop off policy!), as to allow the buyer to peruse them at her convenience. In addition, you will likely receive a volume price for your items. We simply do not have the capacity to purchase everything from everybody. It is in your best interest to bring in items periodically instead of all at once.

4. Call ahead to make sure the buyer is in. Like most people, and especially people with young children, life's little emergencies sometimes arise and the buyer is not always available at the specified buying times. If you call and you don't get to speak to a live person, please leave a message. It is our policy not to answer the phone whilst we are helping or assisting our customers in the store. If you leave a message, we will call you back.

5. Please don't take the "rejection" of your children's clothing personally! Items are chosen primarily on two factors: supply and demand. We often don't buy certain items of clothing that we personally like, simply because they don't sell. On the flip side we do buy certain items simply because there is the demand for them (can anybody say "sweatpants"?) As a general rule, GROVE STREET kids doesn't buy "character" items, however, there are simply some characters (ie. Hello Kitty or Thomas the Tank Engine) that would just be poor judgement not to buy, as they do sell, in almost any condition.

We hope these tips help you to sort things out and make your selling and/or trading experience at GROVE STREET kids to be the most successful it can be. We certainly do appreciate your business!