Sunday, May 2, 2010

Something old, something new...

Wedding season is upon us. It officially starts, for the bride, Memorial Day weekend. But for the bridal party, the time to shop is now.

Most parents, of course, have been through their own wedding and can testify to the astounding expense that is a wedding. It's a racket, really. Go into any business that sells products, ie flowers, stationery, accessories year round... and mention the words "it's for a wedding..." and watch the price of those products double, even triple. And if you are one of those lucky folks who are asked to be IN a wedding, you know that expense is part of it as well. Buy the Maid of Honor, Bridesmaid or Flower Girl Dress, and not only do you shell out a small fortune for the dress, you are likely to add some more $$ when it's altered... all to wear once, and then what?

Come to GROVE STREET kids that's what. We have a large selection of flower girl dresses befitting everything from the garden wedding to a formal sit down dinner at the Plaza! We also have a selection of boys jackets and pants (even one or two Seersucker suits!) that will work for most weddings, day or night. All for a fraction of the original cost, so you won't feel so badly when your gorgeous girl spills orange juice down the front of that gorgeous white satin gown that you paid $20 for instead of $100!