Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ms. Independent

In July we celebrate the independence of our nation. It can also be a time when we celebrate the independence of our economy and the terrific independent businesses that make our community unique.

When we shop at Berkeley Independents, we support the notion of taxation with representation ... Our sales tax dollars get routed to our municipal government where democracy is acted out at the grass roots. And we get the pleasure of a personal relationship with the folks who provide us with the products and services we rely on.

So, when you shop with Berkeley independent businesses, you cast a vote for your home town -- and declare your independence from cookie cutter consumerism.

Buy Local Berkeley challenges you to meet all of your needs from July 1st through 7th exclusively at locally owned, independent Berkeley businesses. The Berkeley City Council Proclaimed the first week of July Independents Week and joined towns across the country to celebrate the local, independent businesses that make our communities unique. Each of the 9 City Council members has also personally taken the pledge to shop local Berkeley for the week.

For every $100 dollars we spend at local independents, $68 of that money gets spent again right here in our region. That's 58% more money added to our region than when you spend at a national chain.
All these numbers mean that when we buy from cool, indie businesses we are helping our friends and neighbors keep their jobs and nurturing our local economy. So, in honor of July 4th, let's Celebrate our Independents!